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Foundation: Go Cheap/Expensive

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Foundation: Go Cheap/Expensive

08/08/2011 – Okay so today I was browsing around boots when my friend asks me “Should I get the cheap foundation or a more expensive one?” she said “I wonder which one works best?”

That’s when she gave me the inspiration to write this article. I tried a cheap brand (Natural Collection), a middle-ish priced brand (Rimmel London) and an expensive brand (Dior).

Although when it came to the foundation the cheapest wasn’t the best (*Sad Face*) the most expensive wasn’t the best either. (Thankgod, otherwise I’d end up spending £70 for a pot of foundation!) Surprisingly Rimmel London’s ‘Stay Matte’ worked best, plus its at an affordable price (Bonus!) So get down boots today.

Plus just wanted to add: Happy 13th Birthday to Ronan Parke. Have a good’n!


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Hey I'm Angel M. I'm a teen blogger (14), blogging about High School Life. I blog about fashion, fun and friendship and my overall daily life lessons, plus a few articles! (New articles will include 'Boys: Less Or More' where I will find out how much make-up you need to really impress the boys, as well as 'Top 10 high-street fashions'. Teen Girl Blogger.

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  1. Omg i tried that foundatition its awesome! When are you writing your next blog? Can’t wait to read it! I’m gonna tell all my friends to read it!

    • Tommorow, plus when we I go back to school keep your eye out for the ‘Boys: Less Or More’ to find out what kind of make-up boys like on girls. Classic teenage advice.

  2. Wow thats a great blog you got there, same as sarah cant wait for your next blog!


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